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Scaffolding Rental

Scaffolding Solutions for Construction works in HOTECC provides comprehensive scaffolding services that include supply, design, erection and dismantle of scaffold services and Formwork system. HOTECC's specialized, highly skilled and motivated scaffolders are capable of executing large turnkey scaffolding projects, with adequate resources that can meet works up to 150,000 cm3 and 3,000 cm3 of formwork system. We offer wide range of elevated access solutions, from supported and suspended scaffold to motorized equipment for multiple applications.

HOTECC's scaffolding materials are in compliance with KOC, KNPC, EQUATE, KGOC and all other industry's Material Specification standard and dispatched to Project Sites with strict quality inspections.

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• Scaffolding Solutions for Oil & Gas Production Facilities, Petrochemical, Fertilizer Industries and Power &Desalination Plants (Pipe racks, high rise Equipment, Steel structures and buildings)
• Oil & Gas n Facilities, Petrochemical, Fertilizer Industries & Desalination Plants (Pipe racks, Equipment Erections, Piping Erections and Welding works in elevated structures and equipment, etc.)
• Scaffolding Services for the Maintenance and Services of Storage tanks, Facilities in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical etc.
• Scaffolding Solutions for the Construction of Commercial Complexes and high-rise buildings
• Scaffolding Services for the Maintenance & Services of Commercial Complexes and high-rise buildings.