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HOTECC is facilitated with first class Equipment/Machineries fabrication facilities in our Ahmadi and Mina Abdulla Workshops. We carry-out all types of piping, Steel Structure, pipe support and Equipment fabrication works. HOTECC Workshops are equipped with variety of machineries for various machining, bench works, heat exchanger retubing works etc. All our workshops are provided with desired capacity overhead cranes.

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• Cold Cutting and Pipe Beveling Machine – 6” to 64”.
• Retubing and bundle puller machines for Heat Exchanger Retubing works.
• Hydrotesting and pneumatic testing pumps and equipment.
• Hydraulic Rolling plate Bending machines of different capabilities.
• Multiple Vertical, Radial, Universal Heavy duty Drilling Machines.
• Varieties of Pedestal Vertical Heavy Duty Drilling Machines with different capacities.
• Multiple Plate Shearing Machines of various capacities.
• Band saw cutting machines.
• Plate polling and bending machines.
• Hydraulic steel worker hole punching and angle cutting machine.
• NC Press brake plate bending machine.
• Compact CNC plasma cutting machine.
• Variety of light duty, medium duty, heavy duty lathe machines.
• All Geared high speed lathe machine and hollow spindle oil country lathe machines to meet any industries requirements.
• Various capacities of power hacksaws.
• Universal milling machine.
• Hydraulic press.
• Pipe threading and bolt threading machine.
• Bench grinder.
• Universal grinding machine-tool maker.
• Disc cutting machine.
• Fly Wheel Press.
• Tool post grinder.
• End mill cutter grinding machine,
• Slotting and shaping machines.