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HOTECC has established a new CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) pipeline inspection unit for its own projects as well as providing services to other local clients.

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• CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) pipe inspections are currently the most advanced and effective method for pipeline condition inspection in the world. Compared with traditional pipeline inspection technology, it has high safety and clear and intuitive images, which provides powerful help for scientific decision-making of pipeline repair programs.
• A CCTV camera mounted on a robotic crawler with a 250m long cable, which transmits the high-resolution images to an aboveground computer and display. Continuous Video recording as the crawler carries the CCTV unit through the pipe. The movement of crawler is fully in control of operator with camera rotation and zooming, in order to get desired revelation of actual details.
• CCTV inspection services are ideal for monitoring pipe constructed with various materials, including metal, concrete, plastic and fiberglass. This particular CCTV system suitable for (200mm) to (1600mm) diameters pipes.
• HOTECC’s CCTV division has a well-trained, professional, and experienced team to perform efficient operation in a safe and exceptional manner.