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Infrastructure Projects

As Kuwait’s modernization accelerates, the realization of effective infrastructure and long-lasting edifices remains paramount to national development. Closely interrelated to such advances are companies such as HOTECC, an organization that has diversified from its initial hydrocarbons focus to become a wide-reaching and valued infrastructural solutions provider today. It has a comprehensive team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to handle all aspects of road construction and landscaping services, including motorway construction and maintenance, suburban roads and landscaping including sub-base, base course and bituminous asphalt, road marking and signage, and bridge construction, maintenance, and repair. Furthermore, Infrastructure Division activities can be divided into below operational areas:

Infrastructure Construction:
Storm Water & Sewerage Networks, Water Distribution Network, Telephone and & Electrical Works, Earth & Road Works, and Tunneling Works.

1. General Earth Works: Cutting, Filling, Soil Replacement.
2. Water Distribution Networks: Excavation, Backfilling, Pipe Laying including Valves, House Connections etc.
3. Sewer Networks: Excavation, Backfilling, Pipe laying (Different types of pipes) including House Connections and Construction of Manholes.
4. Storm Water Networks: Excavation & Backfilling, Pipe laying (Different types of pipes), Construction of Manholes, Gullies, Ditches and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Culverts.
5. Road Works: Earth works (Cut & Fill), Subgrade Preparation, Kerbstone, Tiles and Asphalt works.
6. Electrical Works for Street Lighting (Poles & Cables, etc.) including also the relevant Civil Works.
7. Telephone Works: Excavation & Backfilling, All civil works (Ducts, Manholes, & Hand holes), Construction of leading in pipes.
8. Pumping Stations: Construction of Complete Pumping Stations including the Civil Works, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation.
9. Micro-Tunneling and Pipe Jacking Works.