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Asphalt Works Projects

HOTECC has an Asphalt Batching Plant with capacity of 200 ton of asphalt mix per hour located at the industrial area of Sulaibiya. The plant’s location is easily accessible to Kuwait City, and it is surrounded areas as well. The plant is batching type “DMI” brand of origin provided with dust collector (Bag Filtering System) meeting the environment requirements which makes the plant operated in the core of health, safety, and environment (HSE) control plan.

Kuwait Ministry of Public Works acknowledges and had approved HOTECC asphalt plant and had approved the designed job mix formulas of asphalt mix as well complied with standards and specifications. At HOTECC, we understand new technologies and scale of economics are the main factors influencing the prudent decision of the end-user. For that, we have also installed a state-of-the-art Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) factory with a laboratory furnished with the latest testing equipment to support great demand by the clients for their asphalt projects. This technology enabled the formulation of high-quality superior performing binder grades regardless of the variation in bitumen source across the region using standards specifications such as AASHTO M320/ASTM D6373, AASHTO M322/ASTM D8239, and EN 14023.

At HOTECC, client satisfaction is of a prime priority, and the main task is to ensure that every project is made in a high standard, completed ahead of the time, assumed and each system in the project functions perfectly that can make client's expectation fulfilled and exceeded. The plant is fully equipped with finishing laying crews provided by required finishing equipment in compliance with standards and specifications.