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CEO of HOT Engineering  Construnction Co.

" Driven by the ambitions of expansion,
   diversification and consolidation,
   HOTECC is progressing with tremendous vigor "

   Jamal N. Al-houti

Since its formation in 1974, HOTECC has achieved an impressive legacy of successfully meeting its clients’ requirements and exceeding their expectations. HOTECC is proud of its reputation as a registered grade one construction, contracting, and commercial company in Kuwait. Growing in a measured and managed series of intelligent investments, HOTECC owes many elements to its success today.

Smartly blending technology, technical expertise, manpower and acute market knowledge, HOTECC is at the forefront of Kuwaiti Oil & Gas development and infrastructural modernization. Strategies of diversification and international alliances shaping the growth of the enterprise today. HOTECC has already proven that strategy as more than viable, through the valuable links that we have formed with International Contracting Companies active in the Kuwaiti market today. We pride ourselves in enabling world-leading organizations to achieve their targets in the country. HOTECC foresees further diversification as a solid platform for growth in the years ahead – yet also remains staunchly committed to the fields of expertise in which its acumen is persistently demonstrated.

To meet the challenges of the current market conditions amid COVID-10 pandemic and to further improve our services to clients, HOTECC continues to invest in its management and employees, internal business processes, systems, and equipment. HOTECC is strengthening its core competencies as well as investing in the development of its capabilities to meet new challenges.

Driven by the ambitions of expansion, diversification, and consolidation, HOTECC is progressing with tremendous vigor. 

 Jamal N. Al-houti